15 Orange-White Lights Travel in Straight Line.

Location of Sighting: Leigh on The Sea, United Kingdom
Date of Sighting: February 24, 2022
Time of Sighting: 8:30 PM Local Time

Description: I was driving along the London Road Eastbound from hadleigh towards Leigh on Sea with my 13 year old son. I was travelling eastbound and noticed a very bright orange light which appeared to be stationary. I pointed it out to my son who agreed it was odd, but we thought it was perhaps a helicopter facing towards us. It had no strobe navigation lights, but we paid no particular attention to it. This journey passes an open area which allows one to see across the very wide and dark Thames estuary which shows the river and the coast of Kent and the house lights shining in the distance. It was a very clear night with no wind and I could see for approximately 25 miles from my location. The initial orange light was by now not visible it would have been above the car.

As we drove I realized that there were in fact 5 very bright orange lights in a straight line travelling South to North with more of them appearing above the Kent coast one by one. They were blinking into existence above the estuary in an extremely orderly fashion and then following one another in a perfectly straight line. By now it was obvious that this was highly unusual and I realized I should try and record it. I pulled my vehicle over and jumped out to watch. My son was scared and was unwilling to get out despite my excitement. I stood in awe watching these things fly directly over me. The light looked strange. It actually was a mixture of white with orange bri!lance at the edges. I also could see that, from beneath, they were diamond shaped with a slight elongation with the two points facing North South and the smaller ones East -West. They also appeared to be much lower than I thought and were at a height of only a thousand yards or so (although that is an estimate). They were not Chinese lanterns, which I have seen many times. They had a definite shape and the light was brilliant and constant. We watched this parade fly overhead in total silence. It was beautiful and completely unlike anything have ever seen before.

My son was anxious and I finally got back in to the car after watching 15 or so of these things pop it being in the sky above the Thames, they were not coming from any source I could see, the river was totally calm, it was high tide and there was no shipping visible. The sea state was dead calm and the objects cast reflections on the river and illuminated the black fields below as they passed on their way. Other people were watching at the roadside too. I totally forgot to pull out my phone, I wanted to see them myse!f not through a screen. They were travelling reasonably fast (approx 80 mph) and were passing out of my view behind the buildings behind me.

I waited until I couldn’t see any more emerging and got back I to my car and drove home in a very excited state. When I reached my house my family were getting out of our other car at the same time so my Girlfriend and my other two kids were outside the house they had come home via another route and had not seen the objects so I pointed to the western sky and told them what we had seen. This is where this story gets odd because they were still visible but now appeared to be at extreme altitude and now had the appearance of comets with a bright orange light followed by a vapour trail in a distinct V shape behind them. I was Halleys comet back in the 90s and that is exactly how these things appeared although there were 3 of them still proceeding South to North but in the tails there appeared to be “glitter” in them. I know it sounds crazy but that’s what we all saw. Three comets with light blue tai!s full of glitter then, one after another they just disappeared leaving nothing but slowly fading tails.

In summary this all lasted about 30 minutes. There were at least 15 bright orange/ white diamond shaped objects that appeared to emanate either above the county of Kent or from the river Thames estuary. Travelling directly straight from South to North at maybe a thousand feet. They made no noise and were in a formation they were bright enough to illuminate the ground as they flew. They were clearly seen flying through very busy airspace with no navigation lights flashing above a built up area (there are two airports operating in this area London City and London Southend. I didn’t see any other aircraft in the sky at that time, which often there are.

We only drove for another mile by which time they seem to have climbed from low altitude to almost the stratosphere by which time they took on the appearance of comets with tails full of shimmering lights whereupon they vanished.

I have absolutely no idea what they were. They were totally I like anything I have ever seen.

Note: I suspect that the witnesses saw Star-Link communication satellites.

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