2 Round Metallic Globes Connected by Metal Shaft.

Location of Sighting: Mesa, Arizona
Date of Sighting: January 9, 2021
Time of Sighting: 5:15 PM MST

Description: I just saw one yesterday, 09 Jan,2021 in Mesa Arizona at around 5:15 PM. It looked like the YouTube video posted on your site. I was sitting in my backyard smoking my pipe (tobacco) watching hummingbirds feeding on my two feeders. I looked up to the sky towards the South and saw two round metallic globes (balls) connected with a metallic shaft slowly moving to the East. It was slowly rotating and looked shiny. I did not see any lights or glowing just the reflection off of a shiny silver metallic surface. I live by 32nd street and McKellips Road which is about 2 miles to Falcon field airport. Off in the distance I could see small light aircraft taking off from the airport and you could definitely tell the difference between an aircraft and the object. The craft seemed to be very low in the sky and as it moved it was slowly twisting in what seemed to be defying aerodynamics. After about 30 seconds of watching it I ran into the house to retrieve a pair of binoculars and by the time I took them out of the case and returned outside it was completely out of sight heading due East. It was quite remarkable to see.

Note: The witness is referring to the sighting of a dumbbell shaped object that hovered and streaked to the north. This sighting was in Woodbridge, NJ in August of 2014.

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