2 See Disk-Like Craft & Light. Woke With Missing Time.

Location of Sighting: Palm Springs North, Florida
Date of Sighting: July 2, 1966
Time of Sighting: 1:10 AM Eastern Time


Description: On a Friday Night my mother and father wear playing cards with some friends in a community called PALM SPRINGS NORTH located in Dade County in South Florida.

Doug was my parent’s friends son, he was 13 years old and I was 11 years old at the time, plus our fathers worked together as Army Special Forces, Green Berets.

The night started where Doug and I were riding our bikes all over Palm Springs North, which was a small community and was the last development in Northwest Dade County. Everything west was woods and everglades. At 12:45 AM early Saturday Morning, we had just left a small store and had bought snacks for us to eat while at our favorite place on the 1st lake.

On the way there I had spotted a white owl with big black oval eyes, I stopped and just stared at it and it starred back. I felt like I was being drawn to it until Doug who was in front of me stopped and asked me if I was coming. I took my eyes off the owl to say yes, but when I looked back at the owl, it was gone.

As soon as we arrived at the empty lot on the lake shore, we both so a disk like craft glowing white, it was slowly landing into the woods across the lake. It didn’t make a sound while landing. Soon it disappeared into the trees. I had noticed that it had landed near my neighbor’s garden that he had planted out into the woods in a clearing.

It was then Doug and Me decided to go out to the woods to find out what it was that landed there. We rode our bike to the other side of the lake, where we took a dirt road that went into the woods. I remember it was pitch black out there. I was worried I was going to ride my bike off the road and hurt myself. Then all of a sudden there was a faint light coming from above us. I was thinking thank god the moon came out, but then I remember the moon was very low toward the east.

Doug and I woke up on the shore of the lake we had just left. This all took place at about 1:10 AM, when we came to, it was 4:40 AM Saturday morning. We both had no idea what had happened to us. Dazed and confused we made it back to Doug’s House. We were worried that our parents would be very mad at us for being so late. But nothing, our mothers were sleeping and our fathers were at the dining room table talking. Not one of them said anything to us about being late.

By the next day, I didn’t remember one thing that had happened the night before, Doug and I would never speak about what had happened to us. Meanwhile the next day Sunday, my neighbor asked me to go to the garden in the woods to help him. This is something I did often. When we arrived at the location where the garden was, we found the garden had been destroyed by something very hot. Every plant was dry to the bone and brown. I didn’t put the garden incident together until I remember the UFO that landed there that early morning. Everything came to me in 2017, along with the garden being destroyed. After remembering the UFO incident, I tried to locate Doug. I found his sister on the Facebook for Palm Springs North homeowners. When I asked her about her brother Doug, she said he had passed away two years before and I wasn’t comfortable asking her if Doug had ever said anything about that night.

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