2 See Floating Hour Glass Shaped “Steel-Like” Object.

Location of Sighting: Cankton, Louisiana
Date of Sighting: September 23, 2021
Time of Sighting: 6 to 6:30 PM CDT


Description: A woman and her son were sitting outside watching the sunset on Thu, Sep 23, 2021 between 6 and 6:30 PM. They were watching a jet flying. Then at once the woman’s son pulled her arm and said look at the light in front of the jet. The woman didn’t see it. Then shortly later the son again tugged on her arm and said look up. They both saw an hourglass shaped object floating in the sky. The object looked like it was constructed of steel, was medium sized and was a brown-green color. The object emitted no sound. She also stated that a sort of “heat signature distortion” could be seen around the object similar to heat distortion seen above pavement on a warm day. Then they saw the jet turning towards the object. The woman went to get her cell phone camera and the object abruptly disappeared in front of her eyes. The woman stated that military jets and airplanes showed up about 15 minutes later and flew all night. She said that they made a lot of noise.

The following Monday the woman saw a light colored SUV (see photo above) driving around the neighborhood repeatedly. She reported it the police and provided them with the license plate number. The police said that they had had other complaints and verified that the individuals in the SUV were investigators and verified their credentials. She followed the SUV and they stopped in front of her and wouldn’t move. She said that one of the individuals then walked to a store that was already closed. She thought this was suspicious.

Second Report From Witness: Good evening I was speaking with my neighbor and he said he doesn’t think it’s safe that we tell anyone about the UFO that I saw. The men that were in the white SUV that supposedly were investigating were actually checking to see what houses had cameras. They wanted to see if anyone’s camera filmed the UFO. He said another SUV with three men in suits were back in our neighborhood asking people about their camera system and if they can take a look at it and see how well the camera video looks which sounds absolutely crazy. He also said he saw two men not from this area dressed all in black went in the wooded area on the side of my house. My neighbor said he waited for them to come out because their truck was parked on the side of my house and the truck had no plates. When they came out of the wooded area he asked them what they where doing in there and they didn’t answer him and just starred and got in their old truck and drove away. He said it scared him. He did call me and told me about it, but I was out of town. I didn’t really think much of it until he was just filling me in on details because the message he left me was there was some strange people parked by your house. And this was the beginning of October. I really don’t want this to get out and someone find out that I actually saw the UFO. To be honest I’m terrified. Please delete the videos and not use them for anything. This is a very, very small town and my voice is on that video. Also I said my daughter’s name. It would be so easy to find me. These people know exactly where the UFO was and it was directly over my yard.

Note: The witness doesn’t remember the license number other than it was from the state of New York. Photos were taken of the plate, but it is difficult to make out the number. More analysis will be conducted to determine the license plate number. If successful, the owner will be verified. Updates will be posted.

The videos mentioned will not be published at the request of the witness. The videos show airplanes and jet craft per the witness’s report. It sounds like the witness may have had an encounter with the notorious “Men in Black.” I have had other reports of these “spooks,” but mostly from military personnel.

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