2 Stationary Pulsing Stroblike Lights.

Location of Sighting: Branson, Missouri
Date of Sighting: January 30, 2022
Time of Sighting: 7:30 PM CST

Description: I saw 2 stationary pulsing stroblike lights SE of Branson, MO. The lights were strobelike with red, yellow, blue and white lights, but I couldn’t tell if beams were emitted. One was very bright with rotating lights seemingly very close together. The other was much dimmer and seemed further away and higher. They were visible to the naked eye and also were viewed with my 10 power binoculars. They were stationary and I watched them for at least an hour. I finally got cold and left. I have never seen lights on any aircraft, helicopter or balloon as vibrant as these and the lights never moved. The lights were close in appearance to your middle picture above only they were more closer to the center and they seemed to be rotating. They were almost sparkly looking. The two objects never moved.

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