2 UFO’s Found in Background of Photos of Thunderstorm.

Location of Sighting: Simpang Ampat, Malaysia
Date of Sighting: December 1, 2018
Time of Sighting: 7:30 PM Local Time

Description: After our family dinner on 1 Dec 2018, I saw a lightning storm coming near my house. so I drove back home about 7.30 PM. I took about 100 shots of the lightning storm with my Nikon D7500 without a perfect photo.

After sometime, I scrolled back over all the photos and found out there was something moving in my photos. After I zoomed in, I saw a UFO. After a quick checking, I found there were about 10 photos of the UFO taken and this photo can clearly show how it makes a physics-defying maneuver.

I looked at a set of the photos ( set 1 ) then after checking closely again I found another set of photos ( set 2 ) then after final checking I found out I had a crystal clear photo of the UFO with details of the mechanism that drove the craft.

After a year plus, I closely checked all the photos again and found out there were actually two UFO’s that were hovering above me and observing my activity while I was taking the lightning photos. Beside all these photos, there is one photo that really puzzled me because it there was a trial of light on my photo.

I can prove all my photos are genuine and all my photo are with full details of the photos taken like, Date, Time, Setting of camera and full detail of my name.

Above is the full report of my sighting. I am prepared to disclose all the photos to those who are interested with terms and conditions agreed.

Note: The photos were requested, but the witness has not responded. The witness does not describe details of the sighting. He mentions nothing regarding shape, color, size, motion, etc.

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