2 White Diamond Shaped Objects Found in TV Cam.

Location of Sighting; Corydon, Indiana
Date of Sighting: May 29, 2022
Time of Sighting: Late Afternoon


Description: This sighting was from WAVE-TV’s skycam page. They have cams set up in different cities in their viewing area which is KY and Southern IN. I monitor the cams because I grew up there. Right now this cam is pointing about 180 degrees from where it should be, which is focused on the old Indiana State Capitol Building in the town square. It’s pointing to the south-southeast toward Ft Knox. Anyway I can’t tell if it’s a lens flare or real, but it had disappeared when I checked around 8:30 PDT and it’s missing today. I intend on checking about around the same time. It looked to me like two objects flying in tandem, although at one point they seemed to merge.

Response of Witness to Investigator Questions: It was late afternoon. However, yesterday after sending you the image, I checked all the other cams from WAVE and found one with a similar artifact, so now I’m thinking what we’re seeing is some sort of glitch in their system.

Note: I believe that the objects in the photo are a reflection or lens flare and not real objects. The witness’s response above supports that theory.

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