3 Dark Objects Stationary Over Mt. Rainier, WA.

Location of Sighting: Auburn, Washington
Date of Sighting: May 26, 2021
Time of Sighting: 7:30 PM PDT


Description: I spotted three dark stationery objects in the foreground of a Mt. Rainier about 75 miles from my location. I was stopped at a traffic light and grabbed my phone to get a quick photo before the traffic light changed. I had an unobstructed view for at least two minutes as I travelled and then lost sight for a couple of minutes. They remained stationary the entire time I could see the mountain.. The objects were very obvious and extremely dark. The objects in my photo appear much lighter colored than they actually were. I lost sight of the mountain for a couple of minutes and was not able to see them again when I was able to regain a visual. I have a third photo with a close up of the object appearing directly in front of the mountain which I will share if you would like it.

Note: UFO’s have frequently been photographed over Mt. Rainier, Mt St Helens and Mt. Adams in Washington.

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