3 Separate Lights Hover in Triangular or Line Formation.

Location of Sighting: Babylon, New York
Date of Sighting: June 3, 2021
Time of Sighting: 2:10 AM EDT

Description: I was fishing off-road at democrat point on the beach and I was watching 3 separate lights hovering just below the clouds above the ocean in a triangle or straight line formation. I thought they were just military helicopters because their always flying over the beaches, but they had no flashing lights and they were in place for almost 2 hours. Then two went in separate directions at the same altitude very fast. I compared them to planes in the sky and they moved across the ocean in a second or two and one remained in the same spot for another 30 seconds and followed one in the same direction that left earlier. There was no change in light being reflected and there was no sound that I could hear. The sky was partly cloudy, but mostly clear and the moon lit up the beach. The lights I saw were also in the middle of the ocean not near land from east or west, but more close to my point which was north to them.

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