8 Objects Detected by Radar Over Lake Superior.

Location of Sighting: Calumet Air Force Station (Mohawk, Michigan)
Date of Sighting: 1958 or 1959
Time of Sighting: 9 PM Eastern Time

Description: This was a radar sighting of multiple UFOs first detected as slow moving objects on Lake Superior at a range of 60 miles and at approximately 065 degrees on search radar of an air defense command radar site. At first, the operators thought they might be seeing radar returns on ore carriers, which was a common occurrence. But these were too many in one place and moving at right angles to one another. So, we turned our height finding radar on the objects and found that they were moving up and down between ten and twenty thousand feet. There were approximately eight of them and moving absolutely vertically at unbelievable rates of climb as well as making those sharp ninety degree turns. We scrambled two fighters from Kinchelow AFB. But the objects disappeared on radar and were undetected until the fighters returned to base. We scrambled them again, and the same thing happened. At one point when the objects were painting on radar, approximately ten personnel and I went up on the roof of the operations building, and to our amazement saw these objects as reddish orange glowing balls of fire at the identical angle as on the radar, and we could see that they were moving laterally as well as up and down. We reported our sightings to our control center and were told to forget about it and keep our mouths shut. You may be able to cross check this sighting with other USAF personnel and/or records.

Note: This is a very interesting sighting, but due the fact that the sighting is very old it is difficult to do any investigation. Any military personnel that have more information about this sighting are urged to comment or to file a report.

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