Black Triangle Between 3 Lights Moves Slowly.

Location of Sighting: Denver, Colorado
Date of Sighting: October 27, 2018
Time of Sighting: 8 PM MDT


It was the Friday or Saturday night before Halloween of 2018. My friend was having people over at her house on the North side of Denver, Colorado. She lived in a part of town jokingly called the “Bermuda Triangle” because it was where Denver city limits meets two of suburbs called Westminster and Thornton. (The provided address is not the exact address for privacy, but it was down the block from there).

Most people were in the backyard drinking around a bonfire pit with a small relaxing fire. When I got there, I sat down and waited to join the conversation. It was a crystal-clear night, so I looked up and was enjoying the stars because I lived closer to downtown and couldn’t see as many stars as I could out in the burbs. Yay light pollution.

After a few seconds my eyes locked on 3 lights. At first, I thought they were stars/ constellation in a triangle formation. They were moving across the sky way slower than meteors, but faster than a plane. Even weirder, between the 3 lights was a black triangle where you couldn’t see the stars behind whatever that flying craft was. It was flying/moving relatively slowly and I felt more like it was gliding smoothly above the city about a half a mile high. (This is a rough estimate because it was lower than what I see planes fly but also, I’m not good at judging distances in general. Since I was looking up towards the vastness of space and I did not know the actual size of the craft. I could not judge the distance/height. Plus it could have been distorted because of my perspective.)

So to explain again, imagine a black triangular craft with a small white light on each of the three corners, just gliding across the sky. I’ll post a photo/recreation I made of what it looked like. Then imagine the whole craft just coasting across the sky. Unfortunately, no one else saw it and by the time I was going to point it out it disappeared.

I had just gotten there around 8 PM and saw this soon after. I hadn’t even had a sip of alcohol yet so I was NOT drunk or high yet. After that I knew I needed a drink or two because I was in shock and knew no one would believe what I saw. While sitting there I was trying to debunk it myself in the moment. I already crossed out a meteor shower. I considered it to be a plane of course, but I’ve seen so so so many planes flying over Denver in my 5 years since moving here and nothing looked even halfway similar to that. The triangle was so defined that it could NOT have been mistaken for the wings of a plane by any means. And there were no blinking lights on it, unlike every other plane I’ve ever seen in my life.

I haven’t found any other accounts of the same event on the same night in Denver so I wanted to at least share my story and see if anyone else has seen something similar.

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