Bright Light Blue Orb Seen & Videotaped.

Location of Sighting: Sun City, Arizona
Date of Sighting: October 10, 2022
Time of Sighting: 9 AM MST



Description: This video was taken in Sun City, AZ today 10/10/2022 at 9 AM.

Response of Witness to Investigator Questions: Did you see that object with the naked eye?

Yes it was being watched by my husband before he grabbed the camera to video. During the video he was watching it in the sky along with looking at the back of the phone/camera and it was visible by eye just as it was in the video. 

Additional Information Provided by Witness: It was moving in a jumping type motion. We get planes a lot and they cross the sky very smoothly and we are close enough to them to see the plane bodies. We even get jets. But they all move smoothly across the sky. This was just kind of jumping around in no specific pattern. Also, note that there is a lighter color object that comes in and out of the video. At one point it appears to meet up (or maybe just align) with the brighter object. After watching it for about 5 minutes and video taping for 3 minutes my husband just quit watching. We do not know if it just disappeared. 

Note: There are actually two objects in the video. There is the orb which appears to have been panned by the witness and a second flat object also appears at times and as noted by the witness appears to join the orb. The second object could possibly be a reflection, but that is speculation. The video shows both of the objects jumping around. Sometimes they appeared to join.

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