Bright Round Light Seen From Aircraft Carrier.

Location of Sighting: Mediterranean Sea Off Coast of Spain
Date of Sighting: 1958 to 1961
Time of Sighting: 9:13 PM Local Time

Description: I WAS AN AIR CONTROLLMAN ABOARD THE USS ESSEX 1958-1961. I WAS IN THE TOWER. WE RAN SPIN 12 GEAR. (We focused it on the incoming aircraft to identify their speed.) We had number of ships, cruisers, destroyers with us, many on our ship. In the evening, a bright white round light appeared in the sky, probably no more than a thousand feet in the air. All the ships saw it. I went out to spin 12 and focused on the object and it appeared to be traveling at speed of the ships (around 30 knots). It stayed there for quite a bit of the evening then later just disappeared. I am alarmed that I have never seen this UFO reported in official listings or documents. Some who saw it were Commander Swinburne, Charles Sharpe, in V3 divisions, Donald Young, V1 division, Frank Jaskolka, V1 division. I am sure many aboard our ship saw it as it was broadcast around on the sound powered phones, etc. Also our ship communicated with the other ships who all confirmed it’s sighting. I have no video or photo of it, but have many photos of us in the tower, etc. My name is J.R. Ingram II. I was an airman 3rd class at the time.

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