Bright Star-Like Light Flashes Yellow & Green.

Location of Sighting: Pueblo, Colorado
Date of Sighting: August 31, 2022
Time of Sighting: 5 AM MDT

Description: Maybe I am crazy, but I do believe that there is life on other planets. This morning at 5 AM MDT I was looking out my kitchen window and saw the little dipper right above me. I love looking at the stars at that time in the morning. Then I saw in the Southeast a brighter then usual star? It was just sitting in the sky (hovering?) and it was flashing yellow and green. I really thought the window was dirty so I went outside without turning any lights on and looked up. I didn’t think to get my cell phone for fear that it would disappear so I kept looking at it. Then a wave of fear came over me and I went back into the house and turned all the lights on outside. Without pictures do you think I saw a UFO? I thought at first it was a helicopter but there wasn’t any sound.

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