Bright White Lights Attach to Form Triangles.

Location of Sighting: Blakely, Georgia
Date of Sighting: December 24 and 25, 2021
Time of Sighting: 6:30 PM EST

Description: On 12/24/2021 we saw five orange colored objects very low in the sky. We all picked them up. Then they all at once started going straight up together. On 12/25/2021 the five orange objects are back, but as the time went on bright white lights appeared as if just coming into our atmosphere! They were real dim then becoming bright. they would start to move across the sky and form triangle. These triangles all started attaching at different points. Between the triangles there was at least six tic tacs flying erratically all around the triangles. We have been watching the sky for a long time. This all started on 12/24/21 and every night it is going on?

Note: When witnesses repeatedly see phenomena in night skies, I believe that more than likely they are looking at something that has a conventional explanation.

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