Circle of 16 Small Very Bright Lights.

Location of Sighting: Port Charlotte, Florida
Date of Sighting: June 2, 2022
Time of Sighting: 4 AM to 6:19 AM EDT

Description: On 6/2/22 my wife woke me up and said: “They’re back.” Our kitchen window faces East towards a canal with very tall evergreen trees on the opposite side. Just above the trees was a perfect circle of about 16 small very bright lights. At one point there was also a light in the center of the circle, but later it was not there in the dark center. The UFO was very slowly moving up. I called 911 and a policeman came and we were outside looking with my binoculars. He said it is so bright and he clearly knew also it was a UFO. With binoculars it was about the size of the end of a pencil eraser. He left and I went back inside and watched it slowly rising just as a star did that was near it. I went back to bed at AM and just before 6 AM my wife got me up again to see another one rising above the trees at the same point. I went outside to make sure I could still see them both and the first one was also there high up. I again called 911 and said “I just want to tell you there are now 2 there” and the woman said she had the policeman’s report that it was just a star! So he made a false report. So I watched this second one. Now from here on is also what we saw on 5/31/22. (And is why Glorin said they are back.) Both mornings just before 6 AM I watched it slowly rise until it was well above the trees. On 5/31 it just very quickly faded away at 6:16 and on 6/2 that one disappeared the same way at 6:19. So the 6 AM sightings were both exactly the same. Awesome! It is the first time I ever saw what I know for sure was a UFO.

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