Courthouse Employees See Strange Tall Beings Gliding on Roof.

Location of Sighting: Deland, Florida
Date of Sighting: July 19, 2021
Time of Sighting: 6:43 to 6:44 AM EDT


Description: The report below is a series of communications received from one of the witnesses (in ascending order). The first communication is the original witness report. The other communications involve answering investigator questions and providing more detail.

First Communication: Hello. Can you look at these images? When I zoom in they are pixelated. They are really strange pictures taken by me on the roof of courthouse early in the morning before I opened the courthouse. The pictures were taken from my truck in the parking lot of courthouse. Tell me what you think. I will send you the originals and the ones I zoomed in on. This happened in Deland FL. Thanks Larry.

Second Communication: Hello. Yes that is the correct date and time. I saw saw the two figures gliding above the edge which is almost 5 feet tall. There is nothing to stand on. They are way over the edge as if they are 8 or 9 feet tall. I called the local PD and showed them the pictures that I just took. The courthouse was locked. There was no way to the roof. The passage to the roof was deadbolted locked. I got up on the roof with officers. No one was up there. The image blown up zoomed in looks strange to me. Plus where did they come from or go? It is a mystery. The officers were puzzled. Also another guard saw them moving on the roof four stories to the tower. The images get pixelated when zoomed in.

Third Communication: It appears by my pictures that it is two different figures. I went to report to my boss. She came outside. We walked around the courthouse. She said that she could see a figure. She called the local PD. We never left the courthouse. The PD came and we went to the roof. There was nothing. All the doors were locked. Thanks.

Fourth Communication: There were no cameras on the roof. I saw the one figure floating and gliding. It gave me chills. I grabbed my phone camera. The figures kept coming back to edge of the roof. I got those shots. One had a long neck and there was something around the neck. One appears to be wearing a military hat. When you zoom in the image it is just strange. I am not sure if the images that are zoomed in on can be cleaned up with software. The concrete rail is five feet tall. When I look over the edge I have to stand on my tip toes for my head to look over. I am not tall. I am just 5’9”.

Fifth Communication: After we circled the building my boss called the PD. My boss saw someone moving around. I showed her my pictures and she was freaked out. You don’t have to post it. I just wanted someone to see the pictures and get your thoughts of the figures.

Note: Initially when I looked at the “unzoomed” photos I thought that a regular person had been photographed, but when I read the witness report and looked at the zoomed in photos I realized that this is something quite unusual and unexplainable. Unfortunately a low resolution camera was used to take these photos. This makes it difficult to obtain more detail in blowups. Also some details of this report are sketchy. The witness said that he originally called the police, but a later communication revealed that his boss called the police. From the sounds of the report the witness’s boss and a guard were already in the building before he opened up. This implies that he was opening the courthouse for public access. I don’t have any reason to believe that this is a hoaxed report. The witness in his fifth (last) communication above stated that he only wanted my opinion on the identity of the figures. He stated that I didn’t need to post the report. Hoaxers have the motive of publicity. This is not the case here.

What Could These Figure(s) Be? In the 1960’s Charles Hall was a weather observer at the Nellis AFB Bomber Range in Nevada. He had been regularly contacted by a race of “aliens” that he referred to as “Tall Whites.” Charles Hall said that the “Tall Whites” would glide off of the ground when moving and they would keep growing throughout their life and could reach 8 to 9 feet in height. This is consistent with the estimated heights of the above figures. These figures glided like the “Tall Whites.” However, the “Tall Whites” did have more of a white appearance, but looked very humanoid in appearance. The above figures also are very humanoid in appearance.

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