Craft With 2 Wings Flies Low & Causes “Blurry Sky.”

Location of Sighting: Oceanside, California
Date of Sighting: December 1, 2020
Time of Sighting: 10 PM PST

Description: First off I did take one hit of marijuana. There is a small lawn outside my bedroom door every now and then I will just get out of bed go out that door and take a leak as I’m staring at the stars.

On this particular day I was outside on that small part of grass taking a leak staring at the sky when all of a sudden the sky looked quite ripply as if I was looking through a dirty glass or something like that effect.

I could feel some type of weight some type of heavier gravity pushing against me as you could almost feel an object moving just over me about 60 feet high. I stood there naked on that little piece of grass looking at this pass me by.

Once again all you could actually see was the sky was now blurry and no real form and as I looked to my left at first I thought it was a large flock of birds. I wanted to call out to my wife, but somehow my mind and eyes and body were transfixed.

As I realized it wasn’t a flock of birds it was literally a pair of wings. They were not wings that you could see because this object was still just blurring the sky as if you were looking through that dirty window But through this mist or vapor trail you could see the form of the wings and you could see as it went by it tilted slightly to the left and the wings went down as I’m assuming a nose pointed up and it just slowly disappeared.

I have never experienced hallucinations or anything like this and the crazy part after listening to your podcast with Joe Rogan … I realized that this is indelibly printed upon my brain and my body.

Of course even when I told my wife what I saw she figured it was just a cloud or something and I tried to tell one other friend and they just said oh you must just be tired.

So I am giving you this part of my story. If you would like to contact me and talk more about it, that’s fine. If not, that’s fine just reaching out.

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