Creature With Grotesque Head seen in Cloud Photo.

Location of Sighting: Arcadia, Florida
Date of Sighting: September 1, 2022
Time of Sighting: 7 PM EDT


Description: The photo of the cloud was taken in Arcadia, Fl at 7:00 PM EDT on 09/01/2022. Not a single person I observed even gave this a second glance. The image with the grotesque head which reveals a profile of a creature with a long curled nose, a slight smirk in the sky is the most unsual, wierd, beyond belief image I have captured yet. Below the image is a horse trailer. The image is pointing due north and there is nothing in the sky behind it. The light is a tower light which pulsates nightly. I suppose the light is a radio tower of some sort about 800 feet above ground level. There are a different class of drones now, never seen the category and type of these drones. Some are jet, some are prop, some are square like a box, some are high fixed wing and all are large with an aproximate 30 foot wingspan. There are blinking LED rectangular white lights in the fuselage.

Note: The witness did extensive editing of the above photo. This same witness has submitted several UFO reports during the past few weeks.

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