Cylindrical Craft With 10-14 Large Lights on Underbelly.

Location of Sighting: Montesano, Washington
Date of Sighting: March 10, 2021
Time of Sighting: 4:45 AM PST

Description: My step dad saw a UFO similar to the ones witnessed on 3/11 in Cle Elum, WA, and Chehalis, WA. His sighting happened in Montesano, WA at approximately 04:45 AM. I believe his sighting was on 3/10 . He said he saw a cylindrical craft flying at a high altitude if he had to guess around 30,000 feet. He thought it was a plane at first, but he did not see any wings and there was no sound and it was much larger than a plane. The underbelly of the craft had 10 to 14 very large very bright white lights on it. He is 100% sure he saw a craft outlined by the illumination of the lights. He says 100% this craft could not be mistaken for the Starlink satellites or the space station. This was truly a UFO sighting.

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