Dim Lights in Triangular Formation Distort Sky.

Location of Sighting: Licking County, Ohio
Date of Sighting: Early March, 2022
Time of Sighting: Between 5 & 6 AM EST

Description: I’m in Licking County, Ohio and looked up into the sky early one morning about a month ago, I’d say early March give or take a few days. It was in-between 5 and 6 AM before daylight saving time so it was still dark, but about 30 minutes until sunrise. I looked up and focused on a satellite drifting through the sky when in the corner of my eye I detected movement. As I looked over I didn’t see anything then right away I saw what I can only describe as heat coming off of hot blacktop, but in the sky distorting the view. Then I noticed it was about 8-15 very dim lights almost invisible moving very quickly in a triangular/ boomerang formation. They were very dim. It made the sky shimmer as they went across the sky. I have seen plenty of satellites and I have witnessed starlink which I thought were UFOs at the time, but these were very low and in formation and the fact I saw them was pure luck because they were nearly unnoticeable. Now here I am looking online to see if anyone else has seen thus and this is the closest description I could find that sounds similar to what I had seen.

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