Disk Shaped Object Shines Blue Beam on Witnesses.

Location of Sighting: Salyersville, Kentucky
Date of First Sighting: March 25, 2021 (Dates Unknown for Other Sightings.)
Time of Sighting: 11:45 PM EDT

Description: I have two sightings to report. The first was last night. I got a picture and video of it. I was looking at the moon during a storm. I didn’t know it was there until a lady told me.

In the second sighting my wife and I saw a UFO within 30 feet above us. We went on a short walk and just up the road from our home we turned to walk back and saw a light moving slowly through the sky. I shined my flashlight on this light in the sky and in a second this disk shape thing was over our heads and it was so shiny we could see ourselves in it. It shined a blue beam on us and we don’t know what happened because the next thing we remember is I was standing on my porch looking up at it across the road from my house and I yelled at my wife and she was in bed. We have no clue how we got home and how long we had been gone, but it was there the next morning just floating.

I have seen cigar type objects two times. One was with my dad and the other time I was alone.

Note: These reports are somewhat confusing. Apparently the first sighting was on March 25, 2021. The time and dates of the other sightings are not known. No video or photos were received for the first sighting. This witness has taken videos of alleged UFO’s on several other nights. This suggests that the sightings are probably not of UFO’s.

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