Dozen Objects White in Color With Some Black.

Location of Sighting: Corpus Christi, Texas
Date of Sighting: October 5, 2022
Time of Sighting: 1:36 PM CDT



Description of sighting: I was in Flour Bluff near Corpus NAS. I was just leaving from filling up our RV propane tank and was outside checking something, when I looked up and  saw in the sky suddenly many objects flying in what appeared in like a fleet formation. I estimate it had to be at least 10,000 feet up with some scattered clouds. There were at least a dozen of them. The direction of movement was East to West. The apparent size: with naked eye was dots. Weather conditions: few scattered clouds and it was hot. My first thought was it was Navy Trainers planes flying exercises, but I’ve seen the Texan trainer  planes with their  white and orange paint scheme and this looked nothing like them. I looked with my 25×70 binoculars and they were white in color with some black, except while they looked like planes they behaved like birds. After about a few minutes more they appeared out of nowhere. During the sighting two Navy trainer planes flew below the objects. It is unknown if they saw them. My wife saw them as well. They appeared to drift from East to West after about 3 minutes or so. They disappeared and were nowhere to be seen. Neither of us have ever seen anything like this. We were blown away. I tried to capture the sighting on my smartphone, but all you can see is the dots if you slow it down. A pickup truck with some people saw us looking at them  we don’t  know if the saw it too. I did an online search  for a similar sighting while this area is common for UFO sightings. There were none that match what we saw. If you ask me, what we saw had to be the size of a small plane at that altitude. Usually Navy trainers that fly at the altitude don’t look too much bigger if they can be seen at all with the naked eye. I believe these may be some kind of species of bird, but that would have to be a bird the size of a pterodactyl! Perhaps they are IFOS interdimensional flying objects?

Addtional Comments From Witness: I am not sure if the whole video was sent. It should be about 53 seconds. I forgot to mention I could see with binoculars what looked like a lone hawk flying near them, but not as high up.

Note: The witness later commented that he believes that the objects were birds. I concurr with this statement.

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