Dull White Silent Disk Shaped Zigzags Across Sky.

Location of Sighting: Calistoga, California
Date of Sighting: May 28, 2000
Time of Sighting: 12 AM PDT

Description: My girlfriend and I rented a cabin off the main drag. After eating at a nice restaurant we walked around and looked at the shops. Then we went back to the cabin (in the middle out of five available). We watched a little TV. My girlfriend said do you want to sit on the hammock in the meadow? After sitting on the hammock I stood up facing the cabin and asked my girlfriend what time it was? She said midnight. I noticed a light zig zagging toward us on my right. Eventually it was moving over the treetops left to right about 3 MPH and it was completely silent. It was disc shaped, dull white and about the size of a football field. I asked my girlfriend what is that? She said she was scared. I stayed under a tree because I didn’t want to be abducted. It seemed like we watched it for about 3 minutes. Then the light looked like it began to boil as if you mixed milk and water in a pan. It was churning then I could see some black in it. Eventually it disappeared. The black was the night sky behind the object. In the morning at checkout I asked if anyone reported seeing anything strange, but they said no. This was at night. I had no camera. I haven’t said much about this incident because I didn’t think people would believe me.

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