Dumyat, Stirling, Scotland, UK; 2010

Name: Alexander Drummond Methven

Date of Event: 2010

Location of Event: dumyat hills stirling . 3 weeks after behind wallace monument

Message: I was walking down a field of a old, path and I noticed 3 fire balls like a meteor. or satellite,. what was really strange that week was there probably was no debris . on the hills of dumyat hills .

I researched it , in the computer as I am a astronomer but what really at first I thought it was a meteor . the computer stated it was a satellite . yet three. week s after that people from tullibody and central region also saw 3 red light meteors / unflying objects . at a different place near between wallace monument etc .

I thought maybe areoplane . but the objects wasn’t in entry it went in and out like a flashing object … what really strange was the divers of the scientific police diving team was up at gart damn reservoir.. looking over the area . and i was also followed . by high security team /. I don’t wish to comment it on any further . but I wish to report it