Floating Orange-Tan Beam (Bar) of Light.

Location of Sighting: Berkshires, Massachusetts
Date of Sighting: August 20, 2022
Time of Sighting: 9:40 PM EDT

Description: I’m writing to see if you have had anyone else report a UFO sighting in Berkshires, MA (western Massachusetts)?

I work a night shift on Mt. Greylock State Reservation, and about 9:40 PM my co workers and I saw an orange-tan beam (or bar) of light in the northern sky from a vista along the road we had stopped at.

The light was dim at first, but as we looked at it, it was obviously moving.

It sort of floated through the sky southeast towards us.

As it came closer to us, it’s size and glow of light grew bigger.

An airplane was flying northerly and kind of crossed the UFO’s path behind it, as this happened, the UFO started dimming and within 3-4 seconds dimmed completely and vanished.

There were no clouds or no other obstructions for it to have been hidden by.

The three of us never saw anything like it, and believe it to be a UFO due to no other knowledge of human-made aircraft.

I just wanted to share it with you, and hear your feedback on deciphering how valid of a UFO sighting we may have had lastnight.

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