Formation of Long Slender White/Metallic Objects.

Location of Sighting: Edgerton, Wisconsin
Date of Sighting: July 22, 2022
Time of Sighting: 3:33 PM CDT

Description: I was out on my wave runner and noticed what appeared to be a formation of airplanes. Then I noticed the amount was much greater than any plane formation and it was more a group than any set formation and I recall at least 10 planes/ships/rockets. They appeared bigger in size than any plane I was used to seeing and they almost looked like barges or boats. Long slender. Some appeared white other shiny metallic. They were all moving lock step in unison I tried to take some pictures and all 3 have an image. But what was note worthy was how slowly it was moving across the sky and my first impression was too slow to fly. It appeared to be coming from the Madison area heading south-southeast. Then it was just gone. The whole time I saw this was about 30 seconds to one minute.

Note: The witness sent two photos. The objects do not show up on the photos so they are not displayed in this report.

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