Formations of Disk Shaped Craft Interfere With Car Engine.

Location of Sighting: Mud Lake, Idaho
Date of Sighting: June 9, 2020
Time of Sighting: 3 AM MDT

Description: The location of the sighting was from Salmon, Idaho going to Idaho Falls on Highway 28 around 3 AM about 35 miles to end of 28 (Mud Lake, ID). The first thing I noticed was that my Kia Sportage started running like it was running out of gas. After looking at my fuel gauge, and back at the road, there were white disc shaped UFO’s flying clockwise in squadrons of about 20 to 30. They were flying in big circular rotations as wide as each side of the mountains, still heading towards Mud Lake. I stopped my car, got out and was concerned something might happen to me so I got back in my car and took off. I looked to the left side and over on the left side of the mountain. There was a huge long, white craft. I don’t know if it was in flight, since it was revealed over the mountain, but this formation of UFO’s just flew in clockwise big circles. THERE MUST BE A BASE SOMEWHERE OVER THAT MOUNTAIN!

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