Glowing Orbs Seen Near Cruise Ship.

Location of Sighting: Off Shore in Cruise Near Long Beach, California
Date of Sighting: February 26, 2022
Time of Sighting: 4:05 AM PST

Description: My wife and I were on the Carnival cruise ship Panorama returning from the Mexican Riviera and were approximately 3 hours out of docking at Long Beach California. I woke up and had to use the bathroom at just after 4 AM. Before returning to bed, I checked the clock and decided to pull back the room curtain and see if I could see the lights of shore. When I pulled them back, I got the surprise of my life as there were two glowing orbs keeping station with our ship. I watched them for a few seconds and then yelled at my wife, something like ” Holy crap, do you believe in UFO’s?”. Evidently, she was awake from my trip to the bathroom because she joined me and we went out on to our balcony to get a closer look. About that time the orbs started to slowly move towards the front of the ship. They appeared to be less than a hundred yards from the ship and the light from them appeared hazy and kind of swirly. Hard to estimate their size but I would guess 5 to 10 feet in diameter. As they moved forward on the ship, the one on the right (The one towards the east) made an almost ninety degree turn to the east at a very high rate of speed, then stopped and shot back to it’s original position. It then moved over the top of the other, back underneath and back to it’s original station on the other. They then passed about level with the ship’s bridge, made a gradual turn to the right (To the east) then seemed to merge and shot off at an extreme speed and vanished. That would have been enough for us but when we started back inside, I noticed a glowing object under the ocean approaching from behind the ship at a high rate of speed. At this point my wife became frightened and let out a cry. We chose to stay on the balcony and watched this underwater light come up- to about midship and hold station on the ship. It was hard to tell how deep it was or it’s size, but it was clearly glowing and moving like nothing I have ever observed in the sea. It kept it’s station on the ship for probably 10 seconds or so, then made a violent right turn to the east, maybe two hundred yards and then came back to it’s original station. It remained there for maybe 15 seconds, then made an underwater circle and left the way it had come from behind the ship.

We were never believers in UFO’s, but this encounter changed us from not just believers but we now know. I do not see how the bridge crew of this ship could not see these objects as they passed almost level with the bridge before vanishing. It was an incredible experience. For my wife and I it was the experience of a lifetime. My wife is a retired School Teacher and I am a retired CEO and served as a Helicopter pilot In Vietnam and have a Commercial pilot’s license. These things moved at speeds and did turns (both above and below the water) that were unreal, and I am sure that we don’t have those capabilities. I don’t profess to know what these were, but I do know they were controlled by some intelligence.

Note: Underwater UFO’s (USO’s) are commonly seen near Catalina Island, CA. This is close to the above sighting.

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