Hamburger Disk Object, Black on 1 Side, Silver on the Other.

Location of Sighting: San Antonio, Texas
Date of Sighting: February 13, 2013
Time of Sighting: 6:30 PM

Description: My sighting was on February.13 ,2013 in San Antonio,Texas. It was about 6:30 PM. I was on my way to work. I was riding the bus when I turned to my left side looking out the window. I saw what I thought was the sun and noticed that the sun was behind a cloud. What I started starting at looked like a Mirage effect in a circle. Than a black round circle started to appear in the center. The black circle started to grow bigger. In a split second the mirage effect was gone and the black round circle shot out in a straight line at a high rate of speed towards downtown. I plastered my face against the bus window to get a better look. What I could see now was a disk on its side and as it got further I could also noticed that it was silver on the other side shaped like a hamburger. The black side that I was first looking at first was the black silhouetted that the sun was making. I looked around the bus to see if anybody had seen It too, but everyone was either reading or looking down or asleep. I then remembered I had my cell phone in my pocket. I could have videoed it, but I was too hypnotized at what I was looking at.

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