Huge Very Bright Shimmering Square Object.

Location of Sighting: Baxter, Tennessee
Date of Sighting: February 10, 2022 (Estimated)
Time of Sighting: 4 AM CST

Description: The object was in orbit from the way it looked. It was huge and square and looked like it was shimmering and very bright. It was low on the horizon and at around north northwest. I just happened to look over as I was turning on to 70 highway coming home from work around 4 AM. My sighting was last month, but I don’t recall the exact date. I thought it was the International Space Station (ISS) that I was seeing, but I found out today 3/18/2022 that the ISS was visible in this area of TN again. I have see video of the ISS. This was not the ISS. This was huge and not moving. I lost sight of it when I turned on to Highway 70. The trees were blocking it. I got home 3 miles from where I saw it. I was going to get my camera for a picture and I couldn’t see it again. The trees were blocking it.

A few years before this a guy down the road and I watched a strange light move around for about 45 minutes one night. We both thought it had to do with the ISS back then. In watching videos of the ISS taken in this area none of them was theISS!

Note: I can’t rule out the ISS because the exact date of the sighting is not known. This is why it is so important to know the exact date, time and location of UFO reports. Investigations cannot be conducted without that information.

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