Large Orb Chases Vehicle Causing Man to Pass Out.

Location of Sighting: Miller Creek (Missoula, Montana)
Date of Sighting: October 18, 2017
Time of Sighting: 10:25 PM MDT

Description: In 2017 about 4 to 5 miles along Upper Miller Creek in Missoula in mid October my friend and I were road hunting and by some odd luck my 4×4 drive line randomly broke. I had put it in 2 wheel drive and drove slowly and after no more than 1 minute of driving a large orb hovering over the edge of the road no more than 10 feet from my window appeared and was constantly causing my buddy to pass out as if he had an on and off switch. It chased us to the bottom of Miller Creek until we hit pavement. The light never went off. Three blue lights joined it near the bottom along with another smaller white one that was dancing in the field out my window. The large one followed higher up behind us once the others showed up and I know for a fact it wasn’t a drone. There is an hour of time I don’t remember when I was
searching for service before contact with the orb when my driveline broke. I was wondering if anything like this has been reported near that area. Sorry to text so late. This has terrified me ever since and this felt like the right place to tell my story.
The 18th of October at around 1025 pm

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