Large Stationary Orange Light Videotaped From Balcony.

Location of Sighting: Chicago, Illinois
Date of Sighting: September 14, 2022
Time of Sighting: 9:34 PM CDT


Description: This is actually the second time I’m sending video of something I witnessed on September 14th, from my 3rd floor condo balcony. I was on my landline phone, talking to a friend. I told her that there was “something weird up in the night sky.” She said, “hurry, videotape it and send it to me.” I had previously shared with her the video I had previously sent you, a few years ago, taken from the same condo balcony.

Note: The only bright planet visible at the time of the sighting was Jupiter, but it was only 16 degrees above the horizon. The object in the video appears to be higher off of the horizon. The light resembles a Chinese Lantern, but it wasn’t moving and didn’t fade out. The video is not shown because it only shows the object as stationary. The image above was extracted from the video.

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