Light Moves Left to Right, Reverses Direction.

Location of Sighting: Seaside Beach, Florida
Date of Sighting: March 3, 2022
Time of Sighting: 8:30 PM EST


Description: I was shooting the sunset and noticed the light in the clouds to the west. It move very slowly from right to left, stopped and again slowly left to right. I took about 5 shots. I looked down at my camera and when I looked back up it had disappeared. It was too far away to notice any sound. When I enlarge the images I shot, it doesn’t look like a plane or a helicopter. I do understand motion blur. Please tell me what I was looking at.

Note: The enlargement of the object does not appear to reveal a regular aircraft. The erratic movement noted by the witness also suggests that the object was not a regular aircraft. The apparent shape in the enlargement could be due to camera jiggle as noted by the witness.

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