Long Cigar Shaped Object, Light on Bottom.

Location of Sighting: Quinlin, Texas
Date of Sighting: December 24, 2021
Time of Sighting: Midnight CST

Description: Around midnight on Christmas Eve. My wife and 2 children were going to my mom’s home, in Dallas after leaving from my father’s lake house at Lake Tawakoni. The drive takes about an hour and a half, from my dad’s place to mom’s house in Richardson, TX.

After passing through the small town of Quinlan and turning on State Highway 276 to Rockwell. About 2/3 of our way to Rockwell, my wife was looking to the north, out of her passenger window. Then all the sudden, she said oh my God, what is that light? I slowed down and found a spot to pull off the highway.

The kids were asleep in the back of my truck, so not to wake them. I turned off the dome light and opened the door, then walked around to my wife’s side of the truck. Looking north across a field was row of high line electrical towers. I looked on Google Earth and found the spot where we saw this long cigar shaped thing. The reason I did this was to try to figure out the length of the object. Because it almost was the same length as the towers were apart from each other, around 700 feet.

What caught her eye was on the bottom of this was a glowing light, about midway, not real bright, but very dimly lit. Like a florescent bulb. The area of light wasn’t a very large area.
And it was kind of round or oval shaped, about 50 feet perhaps.

I stood by her door looking at this thing, the sky was partly lit by the moonlight. That made it easy to see the profile of this thing. Very long cigar shape, no noise, no running lights, just like it was floating there.

But then after watching it for maybe 4 or 5 minutes, the light on the bottom, just went off. About maybe 45 seconds after that, my wife got very scared and said to me. We have to leave right now. She said we have these babies and I really want to leave now. She got really frightened. I told her let’s wait just a little longer. But she wouldn’t have it.

I got into my truck and slowly drove away but looking back. Then just as we got onto the state highway again, maybe 15 seconds later. The light on the bottom of this UFO came back on. Jackie swears to this day that the occupants in that thing saw us, and that’s why they turned off the light on the bottom. We’ll never know, I guess. People that I’ve shared this encounter with, they seem to think the thing was getting power from the high line towers, maybe?

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