Long Cylindrical Shaped Vertical Silver Object.

Location of Sighting: Las Vegas, Nevada
Date of Sighting: December 3, 2021
Time of Sighting: 4:15 PM PST


Description: At 4:15 PM on 12/03/2021 while standing in the backyard with my neighbor, he points up in the sky and asks what is that? We live under the approach and departure area of the McCarran airport. I thought he was referring to another type of aircraft. But this was no aircraft. It was a long cylinder or cigar object bright white and silvery looking. The orientation of the cigar like object was vertical, the ends up and down and it appeared to be hovering southeast of the airport.

There had been air traffic departing in that area. I thought we would wait to see another aircraft pass by the area where the object was situated and gauge the size and altitude of it. But it seems at that moment all the aircraft that were departing had been diverted from that general area. There were two aircraft that had changed course and headed northeast away from that area. Then all air traffic for 8 to 10 minutes seem to have been stopped. Then it just winked out of sight.

I snapped a picture of it. I didn’t think it would come out because of the distance about 5 miles out. But when I enlarged the image I was surprised to see an image of a tic tac shaped UFO like the ones seen in the news recently. Image one is the actual photo taken, image two is an enlargement of one. Notice how the area around the object appears distorted. Image three is an enlargement just after the the object vanished.

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