Long Vertical Row of Lights Move Rapidly SE.

Location of Sighting: Gold Bar, Washington
Date of Sighting: May 4, 2021
Time of Sighting: 9:25 PM PDT


Description: It was a long vertical row of lights like lined up dots about 7″ with my hand in air to be next to it It was larger than the length of hand going from northwest to southeast very fast. There were no blinking lights just solid dot lights. It was going so fast it was out of my sight within a minute. We face east looking at the cascade Stevens Pass. We are about 60 miles from the pass and it went past the mountains not fading or changing from vertical position and was beyond the mountains within that 1 minute. I see a lot of unexplained things in the sky at my house, but this was crazy like a meteor or comet with a brilliant tail. But it didn’t flicker it had no arc to it. It was just straight up and down moving southeast at the same level level it disappeared. The picture does not show the individual dots (light) at all. The picture doesn’t do justice. Sorry.

Note: It appears that the witness did some editing to brighten up the photo because at 9:25 PM it should have been dark. There are some other lights in the photo, but the witness doesn’t mention them in her report.

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