Man Awakened. Sees Three 5 Foot Tall Beings by Bed.

Location of Sighting: Whitehall, Illinois
Date of Sighting: October 30, 2021
Time of Sighting: 4:06 AM CDT


Description: The witness said that he was awakened at 4:06 AM on Oct 30, 2021 and saw 5 long fingers by his face. A saw three 5 foot tall beings with large black eyes by his bed. He heard something hit the wall and then the beings were gone. He later found scratches on his neck and arm. He snapped a photo and says that the being can be seen in a photo blow up.

He also commented on his earlier report of a craft landing in his field and trampling down grain in his wheat field on May 27, 2021. He planted soy beans and they wouldn’t come up where the grain had been trampled. He also mentioned that the the beans wouldn’t grow in certain spots that he thought might have been landing marks by the craft. He took photos of the landing marks and soy beans.

Note: The witness is terrified that the entities will visit him again. The other photo (not shown) sent by the witness doesn’t show anything unusual. The witness thought that the beings could be seen in a blowup of the photo. Some may say that this is an episode of sleep paralysis. I can’t rule that out as I am not an expert on sleep disorders. However, the witness told me that this is the only time that this has happened. Given that other unusual events have been documented (photo of scratches, trampled grain, UFO sighting over the field and soy bean retarded growth) one can speculate that perhaps this is a real event.

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