Man Records Sound of UFO. Later Sees UFO Shaped Cloud.

Location of Sighting: Haywood, California
Date of Sighting: October 29, 2021
Time of Sighting: 3:30 AM PDT


Description: So I was on my phone trying to sleep and all of a sudden I started to hear oscillating noises, and for some reason I keep thinking it’s a motorcycle that’s like passing by, although the revving keeps increasing and decreasing nearby me, and I thought somebody was drag racing or something. It turns out the source was coming from right above where I live, although when I went outside and I looked up and I Couldn’t see anything at all I looked everywhere. I got way too scared and went back inside. There was spacing between the oscillation. It was really weird I would hear revving up for about 30 seconds and then revving down for 21, repeatedly for approximately 2 to 3 hours. Along with that revving accompanied at times, there was a wind sound that was really faint that sounded like the ocean waves crashing against each other at a very low volume. I don’t really know of any airplane or helicopter that makes those noises. I would be listening to the oscillating, observing it. It would be so beautiful when it would slow down, almost like a wobble when you listen to dubstep. Later on that night I went back outside, I looked up and saw a cloud in the shape of a UFO. I even captured it on camera the next morning it was still there in the same place. I have been hearing these noises recently and more and more. About two weeks ago when I first started hearing the noises inside of my house, and I can’t really go into detail unless in person, but I was abducted in my dreams, and when I was ported through the entrance to the ship, it was just like the movies,. They would use vibrational sound waves to pull me inside. Once inside, the door closed behind me and I sat on an invisible seat. It was as if I was on a roller coaster, but then my legs and my arms locked in place forward. The next thing you know it was like the scene from the Matrix when Neo Jacks in and you see a bunch of white and the feeling it’s like launching. I think it’s after or before I launch I saw the aliens and it looked like they were wearing vault dwellers jumpsuits from fallout. The shape of their head was an egg and I can’t remember how their faces look like. The only thing I remember is that their eyes were super ultra squinty, like they were blinking permanently. I can’t remember what happened after I jacked in. It does appear like they’re watching everything I do and it’s really unnerving. I can’t tell if they want me to fear them or not. I want to stay anonymous because I am terrified of the CIA.

Note: The above audio file was extracted from a video taken by the witness. The volume has been increased to make it easier to hear the sound of the UFO. The witness said that the video recorded the sound of the UFO, but he couldn’t see the UFO.

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