Mexico’s Military Releases Infrared Video of UFOs

UFO Expert Touts Video From Mexico’s Military

(Valley Morning Star (San Benito) August 1, 2004 by Laurence Iliff of The Dallas Morning News)

MEXICO CITY, Mexico — Jaime Maussan has spent the past decade collecting possible evidence of alien visits to Earth and maintains he has had personal contact with other “entities”.

He presents UFO photos, videos and testimony on two Internet sites, at conferences in Mexico and the United States, on the radio and on his new prime-time television show.

Entertainer, journalist and believer, Maussan is the guru of a subculture of UFO and space-travel devotees in Mexico, where there are a surprising number of reported sightings.

Like their astronomer ancestors, Mexicans embrace the notion of life in outer space and are generally less cynical about the UFO phenomenon than Americans.

“In no other place in the world is there such a commitment to producing evidence” of UFOs as in Mexico, he said.

And now Maussan says he has secured the most definitive proof yet of extraterrestrial visitors, and from an unlikely source: Mexico’s super-secretive military.

The Air Force tape shows 11 luminous flying objects that military experts can’t explain.So they sought out Maussan and cooperated with his investigation.

With the video has come a new dose of respect, Maussan said.

That could counter attacks on Maussan’s credibility by Mexican scientists and even UFO buffs in other countries. While he is a darling, among some in the UFO field, he is also considered one of the worst hucksters by scientists and skeptics, believers and nonbelievers, many of whom have their own Web sites.

UFO watchdog, which is much more interested in debunking UFO theories than searching for proof of extraterrestrial life, is one. A Chile-based Web site, “La Nave de los Locos” or “Ship of the Crazy,” likewise is dedicated to debunking UFO stories and the people who make money off them.

Both sites suggest that Maussan accepts any and all UFO stories and repeats them — with little or no skepticism — to make money. The Web site UFO Watchdog has placed Maussan in its “UFO Hall of Shame,” alleging that the long-time journalist is a “promoter and supporter of various UFO hoaxes.”

Maussan, 51, acknowledges that there are bogus UFO stories, but he said his new military-filmed video is bulletproof.

“This is a watershed,” he said of the video, which was broadcast worldwide in May and was the top story on Mexico’s nightly news. In the history of UFOs, “there is a before, and there is an after,” Maussan said in the dramatic tone that has made him a mainstream entertainer and global UFO “expert”.

He used it on the June 13 debut episode of his two-hour weekly TV show, “Great Mysteries of the Third Millennium,” which is broadcast live from his own studio.

On the show, air force pilots described their surprise at coming across luminous objects while looking for drug traffickers in the lower Gulf of Mexico on March 5.

Some of the objects showed up on radar, the pilots said, meaning they had mass. Others showed up on an infrared camera, meaning they emitted heat. During the incident, the pilots expressed surprise and even concern that they were being surrounded.

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