National Park Service FOIA for Alien Reports (NPS-202000334)

Request for “Alien Reports” From United States National Park Service (NPS)

Recently I submitted a FOIA Request to the National Park Service of the United States asking for the following:

“I request any incident related documents or incident related entries within the National Park Incident Management System (IMARS), that refer to “aliens”, an “alien”, or an “extraterrestrial being” (a biological life form from a another planet) being reported by any person, within any park, refuge, or other location under control of the National Park Service (all NPS Units) , from the inception of the IMARS system to the date of 12/31/2019.”

FOIA Request NPS-202000334 “No Records”

The response came back, 01/06/2020,  as “No Records” found. Here’s the text from that response:

“Your request has been received and has been assigned tracking number NPS-202000334. All future correspondence relating to this request should reference this tracking number. A search of the Incident Management Analysis and Reporting System (IMARS) returned no results.”

Below is a copy of the response received.

All FOIA Requests filed by our investigators never ask for “FEE WAIVERS” as to charge the taxpayer for material which may be used for commercial purposes.


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