Nickel Colored Disk Shaped Object Hovers Shoots Straight Up.

Location of Sighting: York, Pennsylvania
Date of Sighting: 1976-79
Time of Sighting: 1 PM Eastern Time

Description: I always wanted to report this on a forum. My sighting occurred sometime between 1976-1979. My parents stopped at a store, called BEST. It sold electronics, household items, toys, etc. My childhood friend and I waited in the family station wagon while my parents went inside the store. We noticed people in the parking lot looking up at the sky. We got out of the vehicle to see what people were seeing. Above us, hovered a silver disc. It wasn’t terribly large, so initially, I thought it was a toy being demonstrated by the store. However, it would have been a large toy, maybe 2o feet in diameter. Yet, it was also not tall enough for a person to stand inside. The color of the disc was different, almost nickel in color. It had squares of all different colors spinning around the bottom. It made a very soft sound, almost purring. It hovered for a few minutes, then went vertically, and then shot instantly from sight.

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