Object Beamed 3 Different Colors Like A Flower.

Location of Sighting: Belpasso, Sicily (Italy)
Date of Sighting: July 28, 2021
Time of Sighting: 11:03 PM Local Time


Description: Today, 28 July 2021, at 23: 03 approximately in the town of Belpasso, 37.5898°N, 14.9768°E, I was on the top roof of my house when I clearly saw a sort of “beaming red ball” ebb in the night sky, which was suspended and changed into a bright green after a couple of seconds and, then into a bright orange. All the time beaming rays of light moved vertically downwards and disappeared. It moved through what it seemed an axis while moving vertically. I could not believe my eyes. I am used to satellites and I am very familiar with the ones in my area. This was similar to a flower that beamed these 3 different colours. I cannot quite explain it and I am still in shock, since I am very sceptical about UFO sightings. But I had to report what I have seen tonight. The whole event took place for a good 7 to 10 seconds. I will never forget it.

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