Object Breaks Into 3 Pieces, Vanishes, Reappears.

Location of Sighting: Clatteringshaws, Galloway, Scotland
Date of Sighting: July, 2021
Time of Sighting: Evening Hours



Description: I’m really hoping you can help me understand what my mate and I saw whilst wild camping in Clatteringshaws Galloway Scotland July, 2021. The day and night were both cloud free, with no light pollution. Star gazing around the campfire was epic, we were treated to a massive comet/meteor display prior to the event that captivated us for several hours, hence our focus in that particular part of the night sky. Full disclosure we were both pickled at the time, and the videos do contain some F-bombs so feel free to turn the sound off, the 17mb file is the original and the other two are zoomed in and cropped to capture the event.

So shortly after seeing this incredible meteor blaze across the upper atmosphere leaving a huge wake of soft blue/white light that dissipated rapidly my attention turned to what appeared to be another meteor, but this time traveling in the opposite direction to the first, however what was really unusual and confusing was the way it ‘broke’ up. The object appeared to break into three parts, not like a normal object however which when breaking up would leave a trail of material travelling at a slower speed behind it. This thing seemed to break into three pieces, but critically moved forward gaining distance and speed as it did so, then the light from it diminished and was gone momentarily before reappearing, at which point I asked for my friend’s iPhone to record what I was seeing.

I start the video trying to orientate myself on two stars we were using as a reference point, then the object appears bottom left, on 33 seconds of the original (see 30-36 second video for this sequence) you see a light appear due north east of the orb then travel in a straight line directly towards the original orb. It’s hard to tell the distance it covered and where it came from as it literally appears then starts moving towards the first object. It doesn’t slow down so either impacts or docks, but must have been travelling at crazy speed?

Following the impact/docking energetic bursts appear some distance below the first orb, somewhat sprite like, but not red and as the second orb appears so too does another energetic burst parallel to the first, but this time changing in distance from the orbs. These bursts in the pictures below seem to have a condensed mushroom/rocket shaped precursors then a gap then the stream of light/energy.

The two orbs would move further apart and a third much smaller orb would travel between the two points. At one point we both turned to each other to check we were seeing the same thing as multi coloured rings appeared around the now singular orb, like the rings of Saturn, but in a revolving colour spectrum.

After taking the initial video we checked to see if we had captured anything, mistakenly we thought it hadn’t been able to record what we were seeing so didn’t bother to keep recording, or making further attempts later on.

The next night we waited for more celestial awesomeness, but there was nothing like what we saw the day before, no meteors, no orbs, just planes and satellites. I hope this isn’t wasting your time and you find this helpful to your research.

Note: Originally I thought that the object could be space debris or another meteor. The video doesn’t support that as the object moves very little. In absence of more information will classify sighting as unidentified. The clip in this report is only a small portion of the original clip.

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