Object Lights Up Clouds, Shoots Beams Downward.

Location of Sighting: Prince of Wales Island, Alaska
Date of Sighting: September, 2021

Description: Here near the Prince of Wales Island in SE Alaska, we have been seeing clouds that are lit up and a light beam or beams come out. It looks like someone searching for something. There is no noise like a helicopter and it’s very eerie. I live near the ocean and this September, 2021 they appeared over a lake near here, that takes on salt water from the ocean, creating a source of electricity. The photos I have obtained are of an electrical bolt or ray hitting the water. The Air Force said it was just a missle test, but we all know better as the most expensive homes are around this lake. Whatever this was it lit up clouds. It’s very quietly looking for electricity. It’s orangish yellow in color and comes with lights, like spot light beams extending from it.

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