Object With 4 Lights. Orbs Came by Witness’s Side.

Location of Sighting: San Diego, California
Date of Sighting: October 25, 2017
Time of Sighting: 7:36 PM PDT


Description: I was waiting for a skype call from China, but they missed our meeting. I had been working from my home office in my garage when I decided to open the garage doors to look out at the night skies. I looked up and saw a light coming closer to my location thinking it was a plane or a helicopter. As the light started moving very rapidly from side to side, I decided to take pictures and hit the light on my camera. The UFO came into my neighborhood right over my streetlight. It then moved over to the house in front of our house which was around 20 to 30 feet above the roof line. I noticed four lights coming from the craft? But after I looked at my pictures as I thought the lights were coming from the inside of the craft. I had blown up the pictures and I saw three “Aliens” looking back at me. I can’t say how long I was outside before 3 or 4 Orbs came to my side walking me back to my home. The Orbs went through my garage and 2 to 3 Orbs went above my roof. I tried to touch them, but they kept moving away from my hand.

My wife was dead asleep and I did not wake her up to tell her what had just happened to me. I can’t tell you the time when I went into the house. I did tell my wife what happened two days later as I knew she would be uncomfortable with what I was about to tell her. I have kept this to myself in fear of people, government, and friends. The pictures are from my iPhone. I had received some kind of supernatural download which has allowed me to look into the sky and point UFOs out to my wife and my kids. I had read dozens of books on Physics and Astrophysics and thought this is unbelievable as it all made sense to me.

Take my pictures and blow them up and discover what I had seen firsthand. I have had numbers and pictures in my head wondering will I ever know the answer to why me and what was this all about. I have several dozens of pictures and videos. This is not my first-time seeing spacecraft. I’m not scared nor does it affect my daily routine.

Note: The enlargement of the object shows the lights to be of a strange shape. I don’t think that the lights are “grey aliens.” The witness does describe some strange experiences right after the photo was taken so perhaps entities did exit the craft in the photo.

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