Object With 40 Lights, 20 Pairs Side by Side.

Location of Sighting: Gulf of Mexico, Latitude 23.45 Deg N, Longitude 87.08 Deg W
Date of Sighting: June 17, 2022
Time of Sighting: 9:30 PM EDT

Description: Our sighting was not in a city or state. We were in a sailing vessel off of Mexico in the Gulf of Mexico. The coordinates listed above. It was a string of 40 lights 2 side by side or 20 pairs all connected to a central spine. The lights were facing down. The light pairs were further from the central spine in the front and tapered down( or got closer to the spine) toward to the rear. There was a tail with no lights except for a blinking light at the end. The object was flying very fast and horizontal at about 20,000 ft. There was NO evidence of any buoyancy mechanism unless the light sources were propulsion facing downwards. It flew directly overhead and made no noise that we could hear. It appeared to be flying on a line from NASA in Houston to the Caribbean sea through the straits between the Yucatan and Cuba. It appeared on the far NNW horizon as if it was flying vertical, but as it got overhead it was clearly flying horizontal. It disappeared in the SSE sky. It appeared and disappeared from our view in 3-4 minutes. My best description is it looked like a centipede in the sky. WE DO HAVE SEVERAL PICTURES of the object and our GPS screen at the time of sighting.

Note: The photos mentioned by the witness have been requested. If we receive the photos updates will be posted.

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