Object With Red Light Followed by White Light.

Location of Sighting: Renton, Washington
Date of Sighting: December 31, 2021
Time of Sighting: 10:15 PM PST

Description: I was walking down a residential street, after 10 PM. It was a cold night and skies were mostly clear. I glanced toward the sky to see what stars were visible and noticed one that seemed a bit more red than usual and put it down to atmospheric distortion, or a plane and thought nothing more of it. A few steps further I noticed the light had moved, not much, but more than simply in relation to the distance I had walked. I also noted there were no accompanying strobes, as an aircraft would have. As I continued to watch, I noted there were no wing tip lights to indicate which way a plane might be facing. At this point I stopped to more closely observe. I saw no shape, only what seemed to be a red light closely followed by a white light (as if they were part of a single vehicle). I watched long enough to double check myself that there were none of the usual indication lights that an aircraft would have.

Whatever the object was there was no sound of any kind of engine, turbine or piston. The object moved very slowly, too slowly to indicate atmospheric lift for anything but a helicopter. But again, there was no sound of engine, or appearance of strobes, and in a straight line. I watched for maybe five to ten minutes as the vehicle passed overhead heading from east-southeast, to west-northwest. I should say on a map it was headed toward SEA/TAC or Boeing Field from my position. As the object passed overhead, still soundless at it’s closest position relative to me, the lights faded as if they were directional and recessed into the object to not be visible from any angle not primarily forward. There was no visible reflection or refraction of lights from any surrounding clouds, which I did not perceive present at the time in any case. I am not 100% certain of the time to the minute, but soon after texted a friend, and the time code on that text was 10:22. As it was 10 PM in a highly developed area I find it unlikely this could have been a balloon or other lighter than aircraft. Neither did it waver from it’s course in any perceivable way. I do not claim it was anything other than an event I cannot readily explain.

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