OBX UFOs: Group of UFOs Filmed Over the Outer Banks, NC

A YouTuber by the name of William Guy seems to have caught an interesting group UFO sighting over the water in North Carolina. The OBX UFOs were even featured on mainstream news.

The video was uploaded on September 28, 2019 – just 10 days after the sighting actually happened. It shows what appear to be 14 illuminated objects hovering over the ocean in some type of aerial formation.

Looks, nothing in the sky, at all… and then all of a sudden, bam! What is that?

William Guy via YouTube

The video was reported on several mainstream news outlets – which is actually how I came to know of it.

The group of UFOs were filmed from a ferry and it appears there are other witnesses on board because you can hear them in the background.

Possible Explanations for the OBX UFOs

There’s very little to go on with this sighting so far. According to The Charlotte Observer, a local North Carolina news outlet, Guy is a worker from Indiana who is helping repair damage from Hurricane Dorian.

So what does this video actually show?

Military Flares?

My first thought when looking at this video is that military flares are a strong possibility. There are several installations in the area and these objects are consistent with that.

But it’s not that simple – without a longer video to see the flares actually burning out or having been dropped from a plane, I can’t say for sure that’s what they are. The video below is an example of what military flares look like:

Military Flares

Many commenters on YouTube seem to believe this is an adequate explanation for the OBX UFOs.


It’s almost impossible these days to not at least talk about the possibility of drones being an explanation for UFO sightings.

In this case though, considering the remoteness of the location, drones are unlikely as there would have had to be another boat with someone controlling them – and given the range of drones, that boat would have been close enough to also have been on the video.

Something More Extraordinary?

Is it possible that the OBX UFOs were something more than just military flares or drones? And if so, then what?

While many folks are quick to jump to ‘aliens’ as an explanation, this video isn’t enough to prove that. However, it can’t be ruled out entirely. Perhaps the recent damage from Hurricane Dorian had drawn in curious visitors from another world?

That being said, if I had to bet money on something, I’d probably go with military flares as the most likely explanation.

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