Orange & Green-White Lights Move Erratically Thru Campground.

Location of Sighting: Pinchot State Park (Rossville, Pennsylvania)
Date of Sighting: October 13, 2021
Time of Sighting: 9:45 PM EDT

Description: On the evening of Wednesday Oct 13 2021 I was camping in Pinchot State Park at the Moon Lake Campground. Around 9:45 I spotted an orange light about 150 feet away in the tree line. At first I thought it was an animal, but it began to move and bounce around. I took my dog to my car and it disappeared only to reappear behind me about 10 minutes later and this time it very bright about 20 feet behind my car. It dimmed it’s light when I looked at it and began to float and bounce away. Two more floating lights appeared from the east in the tree line, these more of a greenish white color. They were still moving, but not as much as the orange light. I watched the lights for over 4 hours moving through the trees.

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